Introducing to the company CMO

Special machines manufacturer

1337 02bisWe design special machines on demand according to the technical specifications.

We achieve all the studies (mechanics, electrical features, automatism), the assembly, the wiring, the adjustment in our workshop, the installation on site with training and the customer service.

Control station, broaching machines, assembly machines, automated cells, command cabinets... our qualifications are various.




From manual station to complex automatic machines

Since more than 20 years, CMO offers services of quality in the domain of industrial engineering. Throughout the many projects led, we confim our versatility and claim our mastery of mechanical designing and automatism.

1399 08Our services range from tools and manual stations, complex robot systems that integrate within an automated production line.


    • for controling
    • for machining
    • for assembling
    • for fitting
    • for setting



1601 02bis


    • for controling
    • for assembling
    • for stamping
    • for fitting
    • for setting
    • for machining
    • for screwing
    • for testing
    • for vision controling
    • for sealing controling




    • electromechanical broaching
    • reconstruction and compliance correction


High technology

machine presentation 3dThanks to our design office and a versatile workshop, CMO has the advantages of a dynamic and flexible company in its methods of design and construction.

We tackle our customers' production demands by suggesting innovative solutions including means of controling and supervision following.


Plan d'accès

19 rue de Buray
41500 MER
Loir-et-Cher (Centre)
proximité Blois - Orléans
sortie A10 sortie N°16 : MER
Tél : +33(0)2 54 81 18 39
Fax : +33(0)2 54 81 32 57